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Inspection VS Design

Supervision and engineering support at the planning stage


A) Template design phase

Already in the design stages of the template and the control of the design, faults and problems can be detected in a number of test modes:


  • Examination of the drawings in terms of structure and conformity to the technical specifications and definition of the project

  • Checking the fit of the mold to the injected raw materials and adjusting to the percentage of plastic shrinkage

  • Computerized imaging test of the flow of material injected into a mold in moldflow software

  • Dizzy adjustments (hot / cold)

  • Testing extraction systems to create automatic / semi-automatic

  • Cooling and water systems

  • Mold size and fit for injection machines

  • Number and Cavity Layout (Number of Cavity)

  • Steel strength, hardness required and adjustment to work design and production volumes


B) Engineering supervision of the injected products / plastic parts

Inspection of the parts visually, technically, functionally, material flow directions, hot spots or intrusions, until parts are obtained in the quality required for full serial work.

C) Weekly reports and ongoing monitoring

Submission of weekly "Gantt" reports, to present the state of activity in the fortification versus initial planning, along with attachment of images from the fortification to present the actual progress.

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